Hello, Bolrader here

I worked on a lot of stuff so far since I’m here, and here is the changelog of my first update !

Implementation of the Channel Region System :
– We can now see all players connected on the channel region list
– If a player change region, he is removed from his current region list and he’s add to the new region list.
– If a player connect to the server, he’s added to the connected player list.
– If a player disconnect, he’s removed from his current region list.
What does it mean ? That the channel player list (top-right of the screen) is fully working now 🙂
It now also refresh automaticly.

Group System :
– We can now create / join group and see all members already in it
– We can also leave a group and if we are the leader, the group is destroyed
– If we disconnect, we leave the group automatically and if we are the leader, the group is destroyed
– The chat group works
– Kick function was coded

CustomGameOverview :
– When we join a region, we can now see all created games that need players
What’s this ? It’s like the lobby, for example before, when you joined crusade map, you could see
all the actual groups waiting for people, that’s it ! 🙂

Still in-progress:
– We are working on a problem about the update of the group
– We are also working on a problem about the second creation of group (we have some client problems if a player wants to create again a group)
– We are working on the join game function from the created games list that need players
– We are still working on entering in map (a lot of tests have been done and we progress)

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