Hey guys ! Bolrader here,

I wanted to keep you informed about our actual progress on games.
Currently, we are not able to enter in map, but i’m working on.

– Fixed the drawing of position on the mini-map in the game lobby.
– Fixed a bug with the group, a player who is invited can now see the
leader and the leader can see the invited player.
– Updated the current static creation of Team in MatchInfo to a dynamic
– Players can now join a game in the OpenCustomGame in the list Overview
and when they join, the leader can see the new player in a slot. It
works for map: 2, 4, 12 players.
– We also worked with Blank on the LUA code
-> We can now see all lua files extracted from the
client and read them and directly search inside what we need.

In progress:
– I need to fix a problem about it: leader can not see the portrait and
the first card of the deck (deck level and name deck are ok).
– The second problem is that player who click on Join game, see a button
Next appear on the screen but he can’t click on because “No group game
open !” message appears so we can not see the portrait for the
-We are currently trying to enter map with more than one player to validate a hypothesis of Blank and me -> if this hypothesis is validated, we will be able to enter in the map with one player and more, so games are close now !

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