Twitch is the “Future of Entertainment”

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Good news for all you gamers out there trying to make a future for yourselves on Twitch. The SF Chronicle wrote an article recently outlining why Twitch is the future of the entertainment industry.
As you know, Twitch differs quite a bit from traditional TV entertainment. Twitch allows streamers to communicate live with their viewers via chat. This gives viewers a sense of involvment and community that is otherwise impossible to attain in other forms of entertainment.

The CEO of Superdata, an industry research firm, had this to say:

[Twitch is] ultimately what the future of video entertainment is likely to look like. Part of what Twitch is accomplishing is giving audiences real-time, authentic connections to people who share their interests. It’s a very innovative model that happens to be worth a lot to companies like Amazon.

What you should take away from this if you are forging ahead with your future on Twitch is that you are involved in an industry with long term potential. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Although the idea of Twitch and watching people stream video games or IRL shennanigans might seem like a very strange idea to some, the popularity of this medium has been steadily on the rise. Twitch currently has about 15 million active users daily, which is no small number to advertising firms and other players in the industry.

Watch Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch, talk about the future of the industry:

Keep doing what you’re doing. The future looks bright for Twitch and gaming.

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