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If gaming is your passion and you are looking to make money from it, testing games is a good option.  On an average, a game tester earns about $10-$30 dollars for every hour played; depending on the gamer’s experience. There are several new games available that require games testers, but landing your first job can be harder than imagined.

How does it work?

Every game goes through several steps and stages to be complete. When the game is nearing completion in the process of development, the gaming company will need third-party gamers to test the BETA version of their newly developed game. This is the job of a play-tester, to test everything the company develops and finding bugs and glitches in the game.

How do you start?

If you are a new play-tester, getting started with your job and putting yourself in the market in be difficult. To start off as a play-tester, you will first need to build your gamer’s resume. There are several third-party websites which help you get your first job and pay based on your experience and resume. But before signing up in those sites, make sure that the sites are not fraud and are a good resource for your dream job.

Here are some recommended sites for you to start your career.

  1. Only4gamers- This site has each step explained in detail regarding what you need to do to succeed as a play-tester. This site is run by Aaron Johnson, who will help you to get your first play-testing job and put yourself out there, in the market. The site even has courses and concept maps explaining the different tasks involved in the career of play-testing. You get a life-time access to the site, once you pay and the site is constantly updated with new play-testing jobs, giving you endless opportunities.
  2. Gamer testing ground- This site will help you build your play-tester resume, which is the foremost and the most important step in becoming a play-tester.  It is a membership site which is constantly updated with new development in the area and new available jobs as a game tester.
  3. Game Tester Guide- This is a downloadable game tester guide written by Richard West. This guide covers different areas of game testing such as the basics, how to get hired, and different ways to make money playing games. The guide also has a list of companies which actively seek for game-testers from around the world.

However, game-testing I not s easy and luxurious as it sounds. To be a game-tester, you need to have extensive knowledge about games, their algorithms and how they are made. This knowledge will help you identify the bugs and glitches in the BETA version of the game. The pay for game-testers is also not that high. It is almost the same as or a little higher than the minimum wage. Most game-testing jobs thayou find online are usually for mobile games and do not provide you with a stable career, unless you land an internal job in a game designing company.

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