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Buying and selling of games have become a popular marketplace for making money the easy way. Buying the games for a cheap price or discounted price and selling them for a higher price, which is usually the RRP, that is, Recommended Retail Price and pocketing the difference is how it is usually done. One can always be sure of the steady market of games, as there is never a shortage of gamers and their passion towards gaming.

One way to make a profit off selling games would be by buying the games in large or bulk quantities at a discounted prices and then selling each unit and the original market price. But however, buying the games in bulk would mean to own the risk of not being able to sell all those games and risking damage or a drop in the demand for the game.

There are several other ways of using the internet, where you can practice the same, with much less risk. One of those ways is drop-shipping. In drop-shipping the customer would purchase the game you’ve put up for sale in an online e-commerce website and once the customer has purchased this game, you would buy the game at a cheaper price from a supplier and you would have the supplier send the game to the customer, saving you time, money and the risk of damage or drop in demand. For this, you can build an online store. There are several websites that sell e-commerce software and will assist you in setting up the e-commerce website. Once your website is all set and is life, you can use different social media sites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for marketing your site and increasing traffic and very less or no investment at all.

Another way of making money by selling video games is by setting up sites which direct the customers to the original site where they can download the games. Most websites give credit for a referral to their site. This is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to make money from selling games. But, before referring to a website, make sure that they pay you for referring customers to their site, as all websites do not follow this practice.

As easy as it may sound, selling games can also be a task with a few difficulties. One of the hardest parts is finding suppliers or drop-shippers and cracking a deal with them. If you are buying from wholesalers, they will be willing to give you the product for almost half the price, but the profit made is usually used for shipping and packaging purposes of the game. By drop-shipping you can avoid the responsibility of shipping and packaging, however, the profit made is comparatively lower as you don’t the same discount from drop-shippers as wholesalers. Another major problem you will face is the competition from the bigger websites and stores, which give dramatic discounts and quality assurances. So make sure, you have a stand-out factor from these big stores, which will direct the customers to your site.

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