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The trend of YouTube Gaming Channels caught up in mid-2015, when YouTube rolled out its new feature – YouTube Gaming. Since then, there has been no turning back. The number of YouTube gaming channels has kept on rising! The channels not only got a great response from gamers all over, the revenues generated too, soared! But again, there’s a lot of competition out there. And your income totally depends on your viewership. Expanding your fan base should be your sole priority. So how do you do it? Here are a few tips:

Use social media as much as possible:
Social media is an extremely effective tool to make your presence felt, so use it to its optimum. Your main objective should be gathering as many viewers as possible. Keep them updated about upcoming stuff, consider their feedback and make necessary improvements too. Go out of the way and use all the social media platforms available and avoid sticking to the usual ones. Also, make sure your fan base follows you on social media platforms.

Live-streaming is a crowd puller. So do it often to keep a grip on your viewers. Live-streaming via YouTube Gaming helps you engage with your current viewers.

Make yourself the hero:
While videos and live-streaming are excellent, you need to be the hero of your channel. The tips that you give should be the crowd-puller. Also, your style, presentation, innovative methods are things to be kept in mind. Gamers will start watching your channel because you are covering the game they love, but keeping them hooked on is in your hands.

Bring in Guest-gamers:
Change is always welcome, which is why you should try to bring in fresh faces at regular intervals. This will not only keep the excitement among your viewers high but also make them eager for your next episodes.

Take your viewer’s feedback seriously:
Whatever the feedback is, you have to make it a point to address each one of it. Make necessary reforms and make your viewers feel like they’re a part of your channel too.

Choose your area of interest carefully:
Make sure you choose your niche area appropriately. You may have to do research here- like what the market expects, what products are already available and then figure out what kind of content you should be coming up with. Fix a particular genre and particular kind of content and make sure you follow it.

Work with other similar genre YouTubers:
Collaborations are always welcome! You can choose any gaming related channel and work with them to bring in fresh content.

Keep SEO in mind:
Ensure that you are titling and tagging your videos in the right manner. This will help gamers and your prospective fans to find you faster.

Make use of creativity:
Dress up your channel in a creative way! To make it appealing, you have to include graphics and make your channel look attractive.

Consider MCN:
MCN is Multi-Channel Networking, which helps you get easy access to helpful resources for growth as well as ad revenues, copyright protections and YouTube partnership. Understand MCN’s adequately and also understand your rights and rules.

Do consider the tips to optimise your revenue and make the most of your YouTube Gaming Channel!

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