What is Twitch?
Twitch is video game live streaming platform, which was introduced in 2011. It is a subsidiary of Amazon and is run by Twitch Interactive. On Twitch, gamers can stream themselves playing games and the visitors of the site can view the streaming.

On Twitch, there are channels run by video gamers, video game publishers and video game media outlets. The potential to earn money on Twitch lies in the hands of the publishers/ gamers and not the viewers.

How does it work?

The users on Twitch create channels on which they can stream their video games or upload video of the same. When you are watching a video game, you can watch a screen-cap of the game play and a webcam video of the person playing. The webcam video is on one corner of the screen, and the player usually gives commentary. The commentary is generally serious, guiding the viewers through the game and sometimes it is just funny with reaction to the game or reviews about the game.

The channels streams on Twitch are 24 hour streams and people from around the world can view it. This however does not mean that you’ll have to be playing for 24 hours.  You can also upload pre-recorded videos and people can view those at any time they want to.

How to make money on Twitch?

After setting up an account on Twitch, you are ready to start streaming your game plays and videos. But before going ahead, decide the tone of your videos- serious and helpful video which guide the viewers through the game or funny commentary while streaming the game or reviews of the games, etc. Pick up something to create yourself a personal brand on Twitch and that will make you popular. There is a chat feature on Twitch where the viewers can ask you queries and doubts. Keep replying to those queries regularly to have a consistent following.

You can make money on Twitch by having advertisements play during you streaming or videos. You do this by changing your setting on the Broadcast Dashboard. You can choose how many advertisements you want on your video per hour. The remuneration from the ad is divided between the user and Twitch. Twitch usually pays its users through PayPal. You can also make money by adding links of websites where the viewers can click on the link and are redirected to the site of purchase. You get paid for the number of referrals that occur on your behalf.

Other than this, there are other ways to make money on Twitch. Once you’ve gotten a considerable amount of following, gaming companies and sponsors approach you to stream their videos or offer you free merchandise and equipment as a part of their promotional activities.