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Did you enjoy playing Mario as a kid? And fast-forwarding to today, do you still play Counter-Strike and Clash of Clans with the same passion and enthusiasm? If yes, go ahead with Professional gaming! Rising popularity of E-sports and organisation of more and more gaming events has led to a stark increase in the number of Professional Gamers. And you make a lot of money through it- enough to make your parents understand that gaming is not always a waste of time!! If you’re wondering how you can mint money by merely playing video games, keep reading, we have a host of options that will help you get a better idea!

Reach out to a Pro Team:

If you feel that you have dedicated enough time to play a game and that you’ve mastered it, don’t hesitate! Look out for a pro-team. And if you wonder how much and how you’re going to get paid – these pro-teams have a lot of sponsors! Pro gamers can earn around $30,000 minimum. That’s quite an amount now!


You have two options- stream full-time or part-time. Streaming gives you the freedom to do things at your own will, and it’s more relaxing than playing in tournaments and events. You can opt for Twitch is basically where you’ll find all the top gamers in the world. Do watch them and learn your lessons, but also consider live-streaming yourself. There is a lot of audience for live streaming (Twitch is the fourth most trafficked site), and you can earn your revenues by placing ads or referral programmes from your advertisers into your streaming. There are also a lot of perks offered by Twitch, which are directly proportionate to your viewership. Also, make sure you go through tips that will help you enhance your live-streaming and establish a higher viewership.

Write a Gaming Guide:
After those hours and hours of practice, you sure have learnt those little knick-knacks of the game! So why not share your profound wisdom with the amateurs out there? The newbies love reading Gaming Guides because that’s what’s going to help them on their way to be a Pro gamer. It’s fantastic if you can combine your flair for writing and your gaming knowledge and come up with an exciting gaming guide. You can create a website or a blog, upload videos or even publish an e-book – whatever works best for you!

Podcasts or Videos:

This is really interesting – You can start your web series! A weekly or monthly show can suffice. You can include debates, discussions among players and teams. Also, interviews with top gamers will make sure you get a good fan base. Make it interesting and unique and do everything possible to set it a class apart from other shows – greater the fan base, higher your revenues!

Games Testing:

Like food and dessert and software testers, there is an increasing need for game testers too! Creating a new game is no easy task. A lot of efforts and procedures and of course, tonnes of testing, leads to the birth of a whacky game. To take up game testing, you need to be in a position to provide relevant suggestions for improvements to be made in the upcoming game. Also, you should be able to quote what new features can be added to make the game more exciting and fun.

Gaming reviews:

You can write a variety of articles on Gaming. There are endless topics that you can cover – news covering the latest gaming tournament, reviews of podcasts, videos and gaming guides or even interviews with winners of competitions or top gamers! You could write for a popular magazine and newspapers, establish and polish your skills and then move on to create your website. Make use of those writing skills, and you’re all set!


What are you waiting for? Nothing’s better than making money out of your passion! Go ahead, venture out and explore!

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