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The era of E-sports has lead to an increase in the number of people taking up gaming professionally. It’s always great to see people making money off their passions and hobbies. Being happy with what you’re doing along with being able to generate income from it is something we all dream of. Pro gaming is in vogue. While there a lot of gamers out there who practice hard to master their favourite games, there are a lot who rely heavily upon Gaming Coaches! Yes, you heard that right! And if gaming is hobby, and you have an inclination towards teaching, why not combine both forces and start minting some money off it? We’ve come up with a few options that you could consider if you want to be a Gaming Coach:

Start with a Gaming Guide:
You have start with something that’s effective enough to leave a mark on your followers. So, incorporate those tiny little tips (that you learnt after years of practice) into a book. Like not a literal hard-copy, but you can start off with your website or publish an e-book. And so you know, newbies pore over these Gaming Guides! Make sure you research thoroughly before you write. Insert relevant ads and as your followers increase, so will your revenue! Awaken that writer within you!

Practical teaching via live-streaming:

If writing is not your cup of tea, you could consider live-streaming your tutorials. There is a lot of viewership out there who depend upon practical training sessions. Create a unique gaming tutorial channel and make it interactive. This will help you get a hold of your followers. Again, inserting ads in your live-streams will help you earn money. Unlike writing, an added advantage is that you can keep in touch with playing the game while teaching it to others!

Series of podcasts or videos:

Again, if you’re not comfortable live streaming, go in for podcasts or video sessions. Your podcasts should consist of valuable tips. Also, make your videos interesting and fun to watch. And your videos and podcasts will be incomplete without ads and promos. So make sure you have them too. It helps generate a lot of money once your fan base increases.  You need to stand apart from the crowd if you need to establish a huge fan base.

Join a platform of Professional Gaming Coaches:

This will give you a different exposure. There are many websites out there that host and fund Gaming Coaches. You are free to choose your area of expertise and sell your tutorial services to gamers all over the world. So if you really have it in you, you can opt for this too!
There are a lot of means to make money out of gaming. Coaching is one of them. You really can make a lot of money if you find innovative and interesting methods to teach your students. Great option to give a try!

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