Welcome to the ultimate esports betting guide, compiled by the experts at GamblingSites.org. Video games are often tricky enough just to play – add the element of betting to the mix, and gaming can become downright confusing! The good news is, we’re here to answer all your esport (the latest trend in online sports betting) questions.

This guide has been formulated for bettors at every level from the neophyte esports bettor to the professional gambler. Seasoned online sports bettors looking to venture into esports, have also found the right place! If you’re ready to play, here are our top picks for esport betting sites:

Our online experts at GamblingSites.org have exhaustively searched the internet, bringing you the top sites to bet on esports, so if you’re already familiar with this form of online sports betting, we’ve got the best of the best; why waste precious time searching for what you want? Our experts, who have written their own honest and authoritative betting reviews, have analyzed and compiled their collective knowledge to ensure you only get the finest selection of esports websites, as soon as they are available.

*Please note: Always check your local and state esport gaming laws before choosing from our outstanding selection of websites.

If you are interested in the latest stats and rankings or other specifics about esport betting websites, check out our page for the best esports betting sites. This is where we get into the nitty the gritty of what to look for and how to choose the site that’s playing YOUR game.

Are You A Sports Betting Newbie? Check Out Our Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve never ventured into online sports betting, this guide will serve as a crash course in the basics, as it specifically relates to esports wagering. If you are a total neophyte, we recommend getting the fundamentals down by visiting a few of the sections we’ve dedicated to sports betting 101. This is worthwhile, as some of the topics covered in this guide assume (and we all know what happens when you assume, lol) that you have a basic working knowledge of sportsbook terminology and lingo. If you need to learn the language of sports betting we’ve got articles that will get you up to speed in no time at all:

As is true of ALL our betting guides; there’s always plenty to learn and more to earn…

Inside This Betting Guide

If this is your first venture with esports; no worries – we’ve got you covered! The experts that put this guide together did so with the mission of giving you all the advice and guidance you need to become a successful esports bettor.

The guide starts with a clear definition of esports and follows up with teachable moments about the fundamentals of wagering, as it relates specifically to esports. We’ll give you the history and background of the esports genre as well as current demographics. We’ll also give you a comprehensive look at the multitude of game types currently available for betting, categorically listing and detailing each of the more popular esport games currently trending, organized by game type.

Here are few quick links that will direct you to specific areas of the guide that may interest you the most:

Betting On Esports/The Origin Of The Genre

Are you unfamiliar with esports and gaming? Or are you a gamer but have never ventured into betting on them? Maybe you’ve watched them but don’t really understand how to actually play. Or maybe you’d just like to know more about the gaming culture. Whatever your level of interest – you’ve come to the right place and we can help.

Pretty much everyone knows what a video game is – even if you’re not a devotee, if you’ve spent much time on the internet, you’ve run across them and /or played a few, perhaps without even knowing it! However, there’s no shame in knowing nothing about video games – here is what they are in a nutshell: A tool that produces electronic entertainment via augmented (virtual) reality. You can purchase games in retail stores or digitally, downloading them instantly onto your console (computer) once they are paid for.

Video Games run the gamut when it comes to types and genres. No matter the storyline or scenario, video games immerse the players into the action, taking on diverse character roles who multi-task as they compete on a wide spectrum of challenges. The character can range from a special ops soldier to a fantasy themed healer of other characters, but the object of EVERY game is: compete against other players to WIN.

It is a well-known fact that playing any competitive sport, even video games, transforms athletes into experts. The elite athletes of video games – professional gamers – are virtual experts at their game of choice. Since the inception of Pong, pretty much the first video game, competing between players has been a steadily growing hobby amongst gamers. A “gamer” can be described as anyone who regularly plays video games. These amateur gamers also form the target audience of the esport fanbase…Yes! Esport Fan Base. Are there really enough people playing video games to form an actual fan base? 1 in 7 people say yes! Adding up to over a billion gamers worldwide.

Of these gamers only a very small percentage possess the skillset, talent and dedication to earn the coveted title of Pro Gamer. The competition is stiff because the sheer numbers of competitors, regardless of ability, force the elite players to shine brighter than the brightest virtual star or be forever lost in obscurity.

Pro gamers typically spend 12 hours a day plus, practicing. There are monetary awards for the players and teams who win official, sponsored tournaments and skill challenges. Professional eSport leagues are made up of teams with full rosters of professional gamers. Think of these leagues as comparable to the NFL or MLB, and like these major sports groups, are sponsored and include good and bad teams. The quality of the teams changes annually and is dependent on the player roster. Each year, eSport teams scout the most talented players from all over the world, hoping to sign them to salaried contracts and add them as valuable players to their lineup.  Like non-virtual pro sports, bidding wars are not uncommon, and some pro gamers are more in demand than others, earning them higher salaries and paydays.

Esports Leagues and Tournaments

The esports community was formed in part to foster competition at all ages and levels, enabling literally anyone who so desired, to be a contender. This level of inclusivity makes the esport community attractive to players, viewers and bettors, alike.

Most true fans of a sport have actually played the game at one point in their lives. The demographics prove this theory out – If you were in Little League, you probably follow MLB; if you were in Pop Warner, no doubt you are a diehard fan of the NFL. And so, it goes…However, esports has crossed the divide with video gaming; an activity that can be enjoyed by folks almost immediately, regardless of physical ability. It is this inclusivity that has propelled esports into an industry.

This is truly the first 24/7 sport – tournaments are being scheduled every moment of the day, pitting the best pro gamers and leagues around the globe in matches between each other. These tournaments draw crowds in the tens of thousands. People of all ages and stages (but particularly younger generations who have grown up in this virtual world) line up to see their favorite players in live tournaments but sign in with equal fervor to watch their gaming heroes on their favorite streaming service.

As esports continues its upward trajectory in popularity, professional teams have been formed for these leagues and the rosters are full of the brightest and the best. These teams compete against one another in various tournaments, including ones with million-dollar first place paydays!

We have collated an exhaustive, and constantly updated list of esport Leagues and the tournaments they compete in, including dates, live locations and vital stats about the pros and their competition. This is all invaluable information for esport betting strategies.

There are many different types of tournaments: some cater to a specific genre of esport, gaming skills or high-ranking pro gamers. This gives tournaments unique identities that target a diverse range of audiences. One classic example would be “The International”, one of the most well-known tournaments that specializes in matching the best DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and DOTA2 players in the world against each other. Just as you don’t ask a fan at Yankee Stadium who they think will win this year’s World Cup, asking these fans about another genre of gaming will get you similar blank stares.

Learning The Lingo

Every sport has its own terminology and lingo, and esports is no exception. Professional gamers speak the code, or language of gaming with fluency. This is a digital language, valued online by players and fans alike. If you play or already an avid fan, you know the lingo. If you don’t then you’ll need to learn: Thankfully, we’ve compiled our own Gaming Lingo “Rosetta Stone”, decoding and downloading the more common terms and phrases associated with esports. As a bettor, once you have this vocabulary under your belt, you’ll be that much more prepared to make your maiden wager on one of the many esport games available to you. You can find our dictionary of esport lingo below:

Esports Betting Lines

Just like the traditional and online sports you are already familiar with, esports has multiple “line” options to make a wager on. Though game content may change a line, the basic principles of line operation remain consistent. In this section of our guide we have broken down the eSports betting lines in a user-friendly step by step process so that you will easily understand how to play each line for maximum value. Understanding how the lines work will increase your understanding of why certain players and/or teams have been chosen. Certain esports betting genres require complete understanding of the game content being wagered on. In these circumstances, we have outlined in detail exactly what you need to know to bet on their lines.

Throughout each of the betting sections, you will learn how to spot value and whether that value is great enough to bet on or pass. As usual, value can sometimes be subjective or “in the eye of the bettor” so we will give you expert advice on how to maximize your intuition AND your betting power.

Here are some common esports betting lines:

  • Esports Moneyline
  • Esports Point Spread
  • Esports Over/Under Totals
  • Esports Futures

Sections On General Strategy

Currently esports is classified as a niche market for sports betting. However, the its high growth potential has necessitated a foundational esports betting strategy. Advice and guidance are hard to access in the esports betting arena. Here at GamblingSites.org, our mission is to bring you the best lessons, tips and advice from pro gamers who also understand how to bet on their favorite tournaments, players and leagues; bets that will put you in the black!

Our expert gamers have put together a list of basic strategy guides that will optimize your wagering potential. Thee guides will give you invaluable information when you need to make decisions about your wagers. While there is no perfect one size fits all strategy in any form of betting, there are many strategies with merit. The one you choose will depend on your betting style as much as your understanding of the game and its players and leagues.

These guides will help you find a betting plan that works for you; one that you can stick to, vary or enhance when circumstances warrant, and end up winning consistently with.

Esports Categories and Games

As previously noted, there are many esports games that you can bet on. Video games can be organized into broad categories, within which are many types and variations. Just like traditional sports, some game categories are much more popular than others, and certain teams have a much larger fan base.

For your convenience and information, we have compiled esports games into the following categories:

  • The Most Popular Esports Games

This list is comprised of the most popular video games currently available to bet on. This list is regularly updated to reflect current game trends and popularity. As you familiarize yourself with these games, you will recognize that certain of them are perennial classics while others make a splash and then disappear.

Most Popular Games

  • First Person Shooter (FPS) Games

The object of the games classified as FPS is to competitively shoot one another. In this digital equivalent of paintball, players utilize an arsenal of weaponry to obliviate their components. The ultimate goal of these games is to win the match by catching and keeping objectives or having the highest “kill count” at the end of the match.

All of these games are played from a first-person vantage point: you are in control of a character, virtually seeing through his/her eyes. You experience and are limited by their visual blind spots and must strategize and compensate as the character.

First Person Shooter (FPL) Games List:

  • Melee Games

The objective of melee games is for players to fight one another in hand to hand combat. Generally, melee games are designed with a one vs one gaming platform. The design of this game genre does not offer many player options, thereby “forcing” the player to participate in hand to hand combat.

The matches in melee games are most often timed events, commonly divided up into two rounds of fighting with a third round available in the event of a tie. Just as in traditional boxing, a round is completed either when the time is up, or one opponent knocks out the other before the time has run out.

Melee Games List:

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS Games)

RTS games require a high level of concentration and mental strategizing “in the moment”. Players enter virtual “worlds” that require them to make life-saving decisions in “real time”. There are no “time outs” in this type of game so players are required to think on their feet. Players are matched against competitors, completing challenges that require the intellectual logic used in games like chess with the ability to react that is required of sports like baseball or hockey. RTS Games are a stats lover’s dream! Learning each game’s intricate elements including powers, maps, tools and resources is a necessity for successful players, and pro gamers who specialize in this genre of esports devote their lives to this painstaking research.

RTS Games List:


  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games

MOBA games are the byproduct of real-time strategy games (RTS) and have been steadily gaining popularity since their inception. They are the darling of tournaments, rocketing pro gamers from all over the world and the MOBA games they compete in to the stratosphere of esports.

Using a single character, players are given free rein to move around the world of the game. The players’ objective is destroying the opposing team’s base(es). Gamers are given computer-controlled units that generate at random times during the match: these units are automated and are used as fighters who engage the opposing team in combat.

MOBA Games List

  • Racing Games

The name of this genre is self-explanatory. Vehicles ranging from cars to boats to planes are driven and raced against one another. One of the most popular types of esports racing games enables the player to virtually become a NASCAR type driver.

This particular esports category draws a huge audience who come out for the race and stay for the potential of heart-stopping crashes and near misses. The racing form allows for multiple players and is a natural for esports wagering!

Racing Games List:

  • Sporting Event Games

This category is basically the esport version of traditional sports, but its virtual ability let’s game designer’s imaginations take wing to create sporting events beyond your wildest dreams!

When the esport sporting event game is versioned off a traditional sport, the rules of the game remain the same. When the esport sporting event is a fantasy sport (think Quidditch!) rules are adopted from real-life sporting events. Hence, in esports, soccer can be played in space in zero gravity! It’s no wonder this esports genre is becoming a favorite for players and bettors alike.

Sporting Events Games List:

  • Xtras Games

Xtras are the miscellaneous category of esports games. These games are unique and defy easy classification.

Xtras Games List:


Esports Q&A

How do you become an esports pro gamer?

The short answer is: Practice, practice, practice! Becoming a pro gamer requires endless hours of playtime and a devotion and passion for esports that eclipses just about everything else in life. Unlike an Olympic champion, you do not need the physical skill set of an elite athlete, but you do need great hand-eye coordination, the mental acuity and fluidity to change course in mid-play, the discipline to compete for hours at a time and a virtual identity that lends itself to building an online fanbase.

Can I profit from esports wagering?

The short answer is: Yes! When you bet on esports, the game may virtual but the money you can win is cold hard cash! Like traditional sports betting it all comes down to picking the winner by knowing your stats and following your educated intuition. There is big money in esports, both for pro gamers, sponsors and bettors, and it’s a sporting venue whose growth potential appears to be limitless.

Are esports here to stay, or is this just a fad or trend?

The short answer is: Bet on it! Research and data support a long, thriving existence for esports. Millennials have grown up online, and they have no intention of getting older without it. Every convenience, service and product you can procure traditionally is available on the internet and sports betting is no exception. Esports support the need for online sporting play, spectating and betting without the restraints of time, locale and viability that traditional sports are bound by.

Can I bet on esports without a bank account or credit card?

The short answer is: Yes indeedy! Check out our payment section for information about using Bitcoin. Filling your wallet with this virtual currency affords you first time deposit offers and valuable multiple bonuses.

Where can I find the best expert advice on esports betting?

The short answer is: You’ve arrived!   Here at GamblingSites.org we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our pro gamer experts work tirelessly, weeding through all the esports content on the internet and culling only the very best for your esports betting experience. Regardless of your level of knowledge or esports betting experience and expertise, there is something for everyone who wants to bet on this exciting virtual gaming genre, where the potential is unlimited, and the winnings are always real!


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