A little about...

The Project

We are a team working on bringing back a game we missed the past years. BattleForge was a game we got to enjoy for many years and we want to realise it for everyone to enjoy it for many years to come. Using a lot of programming, BattleForge resources, and community support, we are building a server able to run and revive BattleForge for those who missed it so much, as well as bringing its community back together.


Play BattleForge on a new server with a new community and new opportunities.


The server is non-profit meaning after paying for the server all donations will go to charity. This charity can be chosen by the community.


With a large focus on the community we are hoping everybody will have a great time. See you in the Forge, Skylords.


Videos to show our progress.

[Past-Broadcast] Livestream - 21/11/2015

November 21, 2015 16:33

BattleForge Reborn - Upcoming Stream ! [Read Description]

November 21, 2015 13:01

[Past-Broadcast] Livestream - 27/09/15

September 27, 2015 15:43

BattleForge Reborn - Alpha & Upcoming Stream ! [Read Description]

September 25, 2015 20:57

BattleForge Reborn - Podcast #1 With Dexirian !

July 13, 2015 22:38

BattleForge Reborn - DevLog #2 - Website up!

June 17, 2015 01:38

BattleForge Reborn - DevLog #1

June 13, 2015 15:08

BattleForge Reborn - Private Server (Coming soon)

June 7, 2015 16:51