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Battle Forge – For Making Money Online Playing Video Games

There has been an endless buzz on making money online and if it is legit or a scam. Here’s to the new means you dint know that can get you smiling to the bank. Playing video games is a thing we do for fun or test wits. Did you know it is a cash cow? 

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Here is A Guide for Making Money Online playing video games:

Before a game is launched or upgraded, it goes through a series of development stages. Developers often require the services of game testers to retry the game a new and detect its stability. The developer instructs you on the areas to be tested and especially identifying bugs.

After the service is done, you get paid for it. You can search up job boards to get a chance at a larger game developing company as a play tester. Looks like it is an easy thing to do. Try on.

Games Journalism

So much that games journalists do. Among the important tasks are writing news, writing reviews, and interviews for a specified online video game or genre. Coming up with your own journalism site to do this is a great idea which you can monetize by including Patreon subscriptions or ads. 

Working for an already existing site while writing their video game articles and ads for them is a good way of earning money from video games. Starting up your own site will need prowess and expertise so that you get an audience that will be supportive in terms of making purchases.

Competitive gaming

PvP games have gained popularity and tournaments are coming up day after day. How popular a game is will determine how large the prize pool will be. Joining an e-sports organization is a guarantee that you will earn a good salary. Gamers that are the most competitive also take advantage of the live streams to increase their income. 

Being a net-positive player will ensure you do not get knocked out early in the tournament and leave with more winnings. If you are just starting up, learn the ropes and tactics. Keep ppractising to hone your skills.

Creating Podcasts

Come up with a show daily, weekly or monthly that is related to online video games. How you put it is your decision. It can be a round table discussion that is opinion based, a series of interesting interviews with video game developers holding high profiles, give tricks and tips of certain video games and much more. 

You can further monetize YouTube videos and podcasts with ads or patreon subscriptions. This will however take time because you will have to build an audience before beginning to generate any revenue. Your show has to be compelling enough and fun for people to tune in. Make it interesting, deep and the production quality should be top notch.

Come Up with Video Guides

Both newbies and experienced gamers love to read guides. One that is most hunted for is the multiplayer verses player games PvPs. There are different means of doing this. You can choose to create a website for your written guides, publish the guides as eBooks or upload the video guides on YouTube. For a website and YouTube, you get to earn through ads while the eBook earnings are done through sales.

Remember that anyone can write a guide. For you to remain top on the earning list, you need to write guides for popular games. The more popular the video game, the more the competition in writing the guide you will receive.

Distinct guides needs you to offer more insights than other writers. Investing a lot of time into the popular games will be relevant. Your writing skills should be impeccable. Make the guide comprehensive and dense without filler content. Check your formatting skills before making a publication.

Sample Video:

Live Streams

Streaming your gameplay in real course can be a great idea for the world to see. Building a large audience that you can monetize with ads or a loyal fan base that can make donations and or subscriptions. Twitch is among the biggest platforms and YouTube gaming is also skyrocketing. Smaller platforms like Beam and Hitbox have been in existence for a while and too bad, making real money there is trouble. 

Sometimes it could take a little longer to build a live stream audience. You need thousands of regular viewers before you can begin making any income. While the game streaming sector is highly saturated, you will need high convincing skills to drive an active audience to your stream. You can choose to create a new kind of humor that is unique or step up on your charisma. Be a world class player and play a game that hasn’t been played by anyone. 

Getting started will require a good computer, streaming software, a decent personality and a set of games that people would love to watch. There are free software and others with payable subscriptions

Skilled video gamers can go ahead and coach newbies and others on how to go about online video games. Sites like have launched coaching services for certain video games. What you need to do is sign up and provide proof of ability and level, your ID and other necessities.

Your task as a coach will depend on the client depending on the game type. How much you decide to charge will be your decision. If you feel some types of coaching need to be priced more, do it.

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